Trappin вторник | Wired for Wealth (епизод 7) Wallstreet Trapper

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Trappin вторник | Wired for Wealth (епизод 7) Wallstreet Trapper

Trappin Tuesdays | Wired for Wealth (Episode 7) Wallstreet Trapper

We’re playing the Long Game!! The stock market isn’t something to be fearful of… It ain’t no gambling machine or lottery ticket. It’s a safety net that’ll protect your finances, assets, and most importantly, your family. Once you develop your financial knowledge and start looking at this system as an opportunity for generational wealth, you’ll be unstoppable. TODAY WE’RE GETTING WIRED FOR WEALTH!!

From the streets to the stock market. Every Tuesday we bring financial empowerment to those who feel like they don’t have the power.

We are Trailblazing our way to Wealth. Ride with me. History in the Making!

Wallstreet Looks Like Us Now!!


Oct. 6th @ 8pm EST – SIGN upward TODAY!!

Въведение 1:50

Wuz Good 2:10

This calendar week | I Got Blessed 4:16

Make Room** 6:20

When presented with Opportunities/Excuses** 7:35

We Going Inside 8:50

Nervous on Wallstreet 11:09

Full Circle Moment*** 17:45

Not Guilty | The Best Story** 24:35

Raised by Wolves* 25:54

2018 – 2022 *** 29:10

Don’t Give upward | GOD got Me**** 29:50

Welcome Home 33:29

What have your current Values Help you Achieve? 35:42

Word on the Street | Dow Jones, Nasdaq & S&P Down 36:30

Dip for the Chip** 47:05

Global Market Check | Shout out to the squad 47:50

Global Market Check: Mexico is upward,S. Africa is upward, Singapore is Down 51:51

Heat Check | P/C Ratio 0.68

Fed Fund Rate ***54:40

How the Wealthy Live 59:20

You Gone Feel it*** 1:00:35

Still in the Mix | Until We all Free 1:01:53

Heat Check (cont) 1:03:56

Top 10 Industries 1:04:51

Wired for Wealth Oct 6th 1:06:04

China’s Fall effecting the World* 1:10:05

Dividend Companies | The Savior* 1:21:33

Streaming Big Dawgs 1:23:10

Upgrades & Downgrades 1:25:20

Amazon Electric Delivery Vans & Hertz 1:26:47

EV Market 1:28:40

Buy Back the Stocks 1:31:17

We Got a Runner| SOBR Safe INC – SOBR 1:34:45

Learn the Lingo | Trappers Anonymous 1:36:12

Learning the Lingo | “Yield” 1:37:10

Certified Trapper of the calendar week | Wired for Wealth 1:39:57

Certified Trapper of the calendar week | James Mott Drew 1:41:03

Break Down A Brick | O Realty Income – O 1:44:05

Triple Net Lease 1:46:23

The Wealth rail | Nipsey 1:49:34

Halle Berry & Denzel | The Oscar *** 1:51:30

The Wealth rail | Nipsey ** 1:59:23

Real Ninjas * 2:02:35

The Long Game*** 2:05:23

Wise Words from the OG*** 2:09:31

Wise Words from the OG | Unfollowed Everybody (Focus)** 2:14:40

Wise Words from the OG | Sometimes I feel like Im not Doing Enough*** 2:15:30

Wise Words from the OG | Nobody was With Me*** 2:17:05

Wise Words from the OG | When you Purge*** 2:19:20

Trappin Tuesdays | Wired for Wealth (Episode 7) Wallstreet Trapper

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